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Services for Overseas Pakistanis (SOP)

Curator Services has a dedicated department called Services for Overseas Pakistanis (SOP) that offers services exclusively to overseas Pakistanis. The primary purpose of setting up SOP is to facilitate access of Overseas Pakistanis to services in a broad range of areas including legal, accounting, tax and services in connection with real estate transactions.

The services offered by SOP to overseas Pakistanis are not limited to legal advice and representation. It works in collaboration with Curator Services, one of Curator Services associated firms, to give overseas Pakistanis access to an extensive network of professionals including doctors, accountants, tax consultants and real estate agents.

Law Services for Overseas

The legal service of Overseas Pakistanis is completely on humanitarian basis for Pakistani community living abroad and at home. It is aimed to fulfill the need of legal help for Pakistanis according to Pakistani law and regulation. Curator Services is deeply committed to the success of our distinguished roasters clientele. We have built our services approach upon a commitment to excellence. We are fully equipped, vastly experienced, true to our clients, business interest and work in accordance with highest ethical standards of the profession.

There is no doubt as the business is growing; the demand of more legal advice is increasing. It depends on knowledge and experience in international as well as local laws, whether Islamic or regulations promulgated by local authorities. As world has been engulfed in a tremendous change, across the global, monumental events have taken place, redefining the face of world. Impenetrable walls have fallen, the cold war has thawed and real peace in the region and become a reality. Keeping in view the worldly fast pace we can respond knowledgeably effectively and quickly, whether the issue is local, regional, national or international.

We would welcome any ideas and suggestions about making SOP a more effective in assisting overseas Pakistanis. If you are an overseas Pakistani and have any questions/suggestions or need assistance in connection with any of the aforementioned matters, please feel free to email us at: